Defining the future of education – with Liam Bassett of Westbourne Grammar School

Defining the future of education – with Liam Bassett of Westbourne Grammar School

In this edition of The Educator TV, we sat down with Liam Bassett, Director of Digital Learning at Westbourne Grammar School. Bassett discussed how Westbourne Grammar School became one of The Educator‘s 5-Star Innovative Schools for 2023 and how its unique digital strategy sets it apart from other institutions.

Digital innovation is at the forefront of Westbourne Grammar School’s success according to Bassett. Westbourne’s digital strategy began in 2021 and embraces elements of leadership development, staff innovation, and digital transformation. The school encourages staff to take risks that contribute to the school’s ever evolving landscape and provides support through its Leadership Development Academy and Fellowship programs.

Technology is a major focus, with the school embracing generative AI, data-driven digital teaching, and even an esports studio for experiential learning. Students are offered the opportunity to lead with the school’s Tech Titan group, a group for year 7-12 students to gain real-world skills and certifications that are relevant even outside of school. When asked about the group, Bassett noted:

“Most importantly, we also equip them with real world skills. Students engage with training programs that they complete individually at a self-paced program. Those are programs like CCNA skills, Microsoft certifications, or Adobe certifications.”

Westbourne Grammar School is committed to staying ahead of the curve with its launch of a new subject called “Future Thinking”. The subject explores emerging trends, technologies, and societal changes, providing students with a forward-thinking perspective, Bassett noted:

“The subject Futures Thinking will be a subject that is very multimodal, so students will be engaging with videos, podcasts, TikToks, books, video games, and students will have choice and autonomy over what tasks they engage with, and how they engage with them.”

To learn more about Liam Bassett and Westbourne Grammar School, click here, to watch the full interview.

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