Education board raises concerns about 2 ‘overspent’ federal grants | News

The Guam Education Board flagged concerns about financial discrepancies in two federal grants allocated in 2021, indicating that the Guam Department of Education may have overspent $400,000 worth of federal funds.

Education Board Chair Mary Okada said funds from the Fiscal Year 2021 American Rescue Plan are appropriate for individuals with disabilities have been exhausted, with an overspend of $100,000.

“There are several, and this report is as of March 14, 2024, and this clearly indicates the FY21 ARP individuals with disabilities, this shows a negative available balance of $100,000,” said Okada. “That means it’s overspent.”

She said the report also shows overspending worth $274,627 in the FY 2021 Rural and Low-Income School program.

“Then we also have consolidated grant, FY21 RLIS of $274,627 as a negative balance. This is an over expenditure,” he added.

GDOE Deputy Superintendent of Finance and Administrative Services Joann Camacho said adjustments are still to be made.

Camacho’s report also indicated expired funds, Okada said, including $213,032 for special education Part C and $2.7 million for state grant Part B.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Part C authorizes state grants for programs serving infants and toddlers with disabilities while Part B entails education of school aged children, according to Congressional Research Service.

Camacho said the $2.7 million was already spent.

“And there’s also a grant project ESF (Education Stabilization Fund) SEA (State Educational Agency) that also has $365,000 over expended. And this doesn’t expire until September 30, 2024,” the board chair added. “So, this also needs to be cleaned up.”

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