The elusive learning culture: Can we really define it?

We often find ourselves immersed in the learning culture conversation, but do we really know what it means and what we’re aspiring to achieve?

It’s a pretty commonly used phrase, but when I ask people what they mean by ‘learning culture’, the closest I get to a definition is ‘a culture in which people learn?’

Given that humans learn in pretty much any environment, that doesn’t seem to be a useful definition. Most of the learning we instinctively do is informal. We work with others, we work things out, we observe and internalize how people do things and emulate the

The Bureau of the Education Policy Advisors’ Network meets to define priorities for the Network

Ahead of the 12th meeting of the Council of Europe Education Policy Advisors’ Network (EPAN), its Bureau convened on 27 February to discuss the upcoming agenda and outline key priorities for the Network. At the forefront of discussions was the European Space for Citizenship Education, part of the Council of Europe Education Strategy 2024-2030 “Learners First – Education for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Democratic Societies”, which will provide a comprehensive framework ensuring quality citizenship education across Europe and fostering collaborative endeavors among member States committed to upholding democratic values ​​and principles.

During the meeting, Bureau members engaged in-depth discussions regarding the

The 4 Education Trends That Will Define 2024

Beyond100K, the organization I lead, spent hundreds of hours this past year listening to educators, advocates, and activists and poring over news and research to better understand the opportunities and challenges that are defining STEM and education. We identified four trends that are changing the narrative and will continue to impact education long after 2024 is over.

1. The Flexible Office Has Evaded Teachers. They Want In.

In an era when flexibility is a touchstone for most white-collar workers,