How can universities support students’ mental health?

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As higher education comes with hope of new beginnings, it also has its fair share of challenges. It is time that universities support student’s mental health

Moving away from home and discovering a new place can feel somewhat isolating at first, and coupled with the intensity of university studies, many students may find themselves feeling low.

Therefore, it is crucial that public sector institutions, such as universities take action to protect students’ mental health.

The onus is on educational institutions to step up to the mark in order to promote safe and effective learning, which is what students come to expect.

In this article, we take a look at some of the ways in which universities can support students’ mental health in education and outside of it.

Spread awareness for student’s mental health

The first barrier to mental health support often results from a fear of judgment, particularly in universities where students may be separated from their usual support networks.

There should be no shame in seeking help, but unfortunately, although society has come a long way, there’s still a stigma surrounding mental health.

To tackle this issue, it’s important to promote awareness and encourage