Launching the Career Connected High School Grant Program

Launching The Career Connected High School Grant Program

For far too long, there have been invisible walls between K-12, higher education, and workforce systems treated like they’re set in stone. That you need to complete one before moving on to the next. But the reality is that there’s a lot more overlap, and it’s time to Raise the Bar and reimagine high schools in this country.

That means that in high schools of the future, college is one, but not the only, pathway to a brighter future. And in high schools of the future, every student graduates with the tools they need to “Unlocking Career Success.”

That’s why today, at the Unlocking Pathways Summit in Aurora, Colorado, US Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona announced the launch of a new $25 million Career Connected High School Grant program. This program will provide educational grants to consortia of local agencies, institutions of higher education, and employers to pilot evidence-based strategies to increase the integration and alignment of the last two years of high school and the first two years of postsecondary education to improve postsecondary education and career outcomes for all students.

These grants – and these summits – are part of the Raise the Bar: Unlocking Career Success initiative,

High School Stories: Recent New York Times Reporting on Secondary Schooling

Education stories have dominated headlines over the past year, as a quick glance down this long, long list will show.

If you are participating in our new multimedia challenge, which invites students and educators to “show or tell us what high school is like in 2023,” we thought it might help to understand how The New York Times and other media have looked at the issues and questions facing secondary education.

Below, over 75 news, feature stories and Opinion pieces about school, teaching, learning and teenage life that have appeared across sections of over the last year. They are free to read, as are all Times pieces linked from The Learning Network — as long as you access them from our site. We will continue to update this collection until the contest ends on Oct. 4.

Where should you start? We recommend the wonderful teen-created piece “What Grown-Ups Don’t Understand About School,” published in September 2022.

Then, as you scroll through the rest, you might choose pieces on topics that especially interest you and ask yourself …

  • What, if anything, seems to be missing? Is there information or context that could have made this piece stronger?

  • How