Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Cellphones in Schools

Typically, the discussion around cellphones in school — whether they are learning tools or distractions — has revolved around their impact on measures of academic success like test scores or grades. But in his research, Ed School alum Dylan Lukes looks at other outcomes policymakers should consider.

“I’m hoping to move beyond thinking about test scores and consider the potential importance of other outcomes like discipline and school culture which may factor into student wellbeing,” says Lukes, Ph.D.’22.

As schools are gearing up for the fall, with some considering new and amended policies on the use of cellphones in the

Peers call for urgent overhaul of secondary education in England | Secondary schools

A major parliamentary report has called for an urgent overhaul of secondary education in England that would reverse many of the Conservatives’ key educational changes of the past decade.

The House of Lords report says the education system for 11- to 16-year-olds is too focused on academic learning and written exams, resulting in too much learning by rote and not enough opportunity for pupils to pursue creative and technical subjects.

Published on Tuesday, the report also calls for the English baccalaureate, introduced by then education secretary Michael Gove as a school performance measure to encourage the uptake of a narrow

Back-to-school for higher education sees students and professors grappling with AI in academia

As millions of students return to school this fall, ABC News speaks with students and professors learning to navigate the influence of generative artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT, which launched in November 2022, is described on its website as an AI-powered language model, “capable of generating human-like text based on context and past conversations.”

At the University of California, Davis, senior Andrew Yu found himself using AI to help outline an eight-page paper for his poetry class. It needed to be in the style of an academic memorandum, which Yu had never written before — so he turned to ChatGPT to help