The Bridge Education Center in Eastleigh learns new Ofsted rating

The Bridge Education Centre, a pupil referral unit in Eastleigh, had a visit from Ofsted inspectors on February 20, 2024.

A pupil referral unit is a school that caters for children who need more support than a mainstream school can provide.

Daily Echo: The Bridge Education Center in EastleighThe Bridge Education Center in Eastleigh (Image: NQ)

In the report, inspectors credited the staff for their ability to form trusting relationships with students by listening to them and understanding individual needs.

The inspector wrote in the report: “Everyone shares the same relentless dedication to supporting pupils to get the most out of their time here.

“Pupils get personalized

Taliban urges to uphold Afghan girls’ right to education

“Denying education to girls is a violation of universal human rights,” said Yasmine Sherif, Executive Director of Education Cannot Wait (ECW).

“The de facto authorities can do the right thing for the long-suffering people of Afghanistan by ensuring that every girl in Afghanistan can access quality education and contribute to rebuilding their war-torn country,” she added.

2.5 million girls affected

Ms. Sherif reported that 80 per cent of school-age Afghan girls are currently not in the classroom.

“That’s 2.5 million girls denied their right to the safety, protection, opportunity of education – their inherent human rights,” she said.

Uplifting #AfghanGirlsVoices

Ghana’s free high school policy is getting more girls to complete secondary education: Study


Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain

Education drives economic growth and individual well-being. Secondary education, in particular, plays a crucial role. In recent decades, this recognition has encouraged several African countries to make secondary education free. One example is Ghana’s Free Public Senior High School (FreeSHS) policy, initiated in 2017.

The policy aims to remove cost barriers to secondary education, including fees, textbooks, boarding and meals.

As scholars of public policy, we conducted research into the impact of the policy, particularly its effect on the number of girls completing secondary school. We emphasize the educational outcomes of girls because they are at