‘There’s nothing more critical’: California makes schools teach kids to spot fake news | US education

California next year will become one of the few US states to teach students media literacy, a move experts say is imperative at a time when distrust in the media is at an all-time high and new technologies pose unprecedented challenges to identifying false information.

A state bill signed into law this fall mandates public schools to instruct media literacy, a set of skills that includes recognizing falsified data, identifying fake news and responsible generating internet content.

Researchers have long warned that the current digital ecosystem has had dire consequences on young people, and have argued that such instruction could

How AI tools both help and hinder equity in higher ed

When it comes to artificial intelligence, faculty members across disciplines have had a demanding year. Many have redesigned assignments and developed new course policies in the presence of generative AI tools. At conferences and in idle moments, some have pondered what makes process human. (One possible answer: burstiness.) Others have designed, delivered or participated in workshops focused on AI in teaching and learning, with or without support. One sent students a message that he would “not grade this chat Gpt shit.” (No doubt the fallout required time.)

Amid 2023’s AI disruption, professors have also grappled with a paradox. In one