Where It Stands, and Why It Matters – State of the Planet

young people hold sign that says 'you will die of old age, we will die of climate change'
Photo: Roy

Young people across the globe are concerned about climate change. A Lancet study surveying 10,000 young people ages 16 to 25 in 10 countries found that more than half felt sadness, anxiety, anger, and guilt about climate change. They are seeing the impacts of a warming planet in the news and in their own communities, but many feel helpless and powerless. The young want solutions—they want to know what they can do about climate change.

In 2021, at COP26 in Glasgow, the ministers of education and environment committed to including climate change education in all educational institutions, recognizing

High School Stories: Recent New York Times Reporting on Secondary Schooling

Education stories have dominated headlines over the past year, as a quick glance down this long, long list will show.

If you are participating in our new multimedia challenge, which invites students and educators to “show or tell us what high school is like in 2023,” we thought it might help to understand how The New York Times and other media have looked at the issues and questions facing secondary education.

Below, over 75 news, feature stories and Opinion pieces about school, teaching, learning and teenage life that have appeared across sections of NYTimes.com over the last year. They are

College-going gap between Black and white Americans is getting worse

From the time Patrick Ben III decided he would go to college, there seemed to be an obstacle at every turn.

The high school he attended on Chicago’s South Side offered few of the advantages wealthier kids got. There were no Advanced Placement courses, and little help was available with college and financial aid applications.

“I understood that a lot of the things I did to prepare for college I would have to do myself,” said Ben, who is Black.

When he finally made it to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the shortcomings of his high school were laid